Founded in 2005 by Perniclas Bedow and expanded with employees in 2011, Bedow has made a name for itself by working with a wide range of businesses and cultural sectors. Being a small shop in Stockholm, Bedow has been able to push their creative vision onto the likes of Nintendo and Heineken which makes sense for the rapid studio growth. Keep it up guys.

Notable Projects

Essem Design, a Swedish manufacturer of artisanal hallway interior products, tasked Bedow with desiging a corporate brand identity for the young company. Setting out a company brochure in an accordion fold adds a nice sense to the exploration involved with inspecting every new piece of furniture.

Danish Brewery Mikkeller commissioned Bedow to produce the label of the second of four seasonal beers released during 2012. The label is printed with a heat sensitive color. So when the label gets warm the bud turns into a flower. Clean typography, nice grid and beer… I’m in heaven.

Notable Project – Ensem Design

Notable Project – Mikkeller Brewery