A quick glance at the first picture of this post might make you believe you’ve traveled back in time to 1985! Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) for you this is actually the studio space for Sawdust. Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton are the two puzzle pieces that form the London based firm Sawdust and while it is small in size that doesn’t mean they don’t produce big time work. Taking a peek at their portfolio you will find tremendous skill that is more often than brilliantly minimalistic. My favorite aspect of Sawdust’s space is the poster that says, “Life. Wake Work Home Eat Sleep” which pretty much speaks for itself.

Notable Project

Sawdust was asked to do the branding and website for Hi Pitch who creates award winning music and sound design for film, television, advertising and new media. While we were unable to secure any pictures from the brand we do recommend you check out the absolutely brilliant website and brand they have created here.