The first feeling I get when looking at Teacake’s studio space is that it is homey. I thought it was the warm instagram filter applied to each photo but there is more to it than that. Robert Walmsley and Graham Sykes base their studio out of Manchester, UK. Though quite small the studio space is filled with character and charm. From stacked books allowing monitors to be rested upon to quirky pictures placed around the space, everything combines into a cozy design nook. The whole space lends itself to the type of work Teacake produces. Examining their work you can see the time and effort that goes into a every piece. It’s a sort of dedication that you can only get from a tight knit studio.

Notable Project

Teacake’s branding of Charles Campbell Bespoke Tailoring is all focused around a beautiful rendering of a pair of scissors as the brand mark. Offset in violet the entire identity takes on the feel of an old fashion tailor (that have seemingly disappeared from the United States but evidently not in England). The actual mark translates very well even in the sewn version on the tag for the blazers.