Goat is a small London based graphic design studio consisting of Alexey Golev and Paul Attard. Goat truly has a different kind of creative space for it also doubles as their home. As Paul explains, basing their studio out of their apartment makes sense for the two:

“When we started goat we had to decide whether to find a studio to work from or if we should base it from our living room for the first few months. We always thought it would be more professional to have our own space where clients could come visit us, speaking to a few people this was the route we thought we would be taking. But then we met up with a designer who set up a studio from his living room. He explained that clients never really want to come to the studio and it’s best to save the money and spend it on taking clients out for lunch or simply having fewer overheads till you establish yourselves enough. With our philosophy of keeping things as simple as they need to be and having a close and clear relationship with our clients we thought it would be best to save the money and have client meetings in coffee shops which makes things less formal and more comfortable for everyone.”

My favorite aspect of their space is the collaborative whiteboard. I’m a big whiteboard advocate. It gives designers a chance to dodge their sketchbook and to draw on a broader surface.

Notable Project

If you take the time to view the impressive portfolio of Goat you will find they have a creative tick for projects that make people smile. The happy birthday series serves as a creative and clever way to brighten someones day. Check out their site for more birthday cards.


Notable Project – Birthday Cards