Take two eager young designers and send them off to the big apple and you have the little field trip that Michael and I took a few weeks ago to vist our new friends at Squeaky Wheel Media. It was a muggy 93º day but that didn’t take the excitement away from our trip. We wandered around NYC in absolute awe. We’re not sure if it was the abundance of cute girls or just the New York aura but we both instantly fell in love.

We quickly found our way to the doors of Squeaky Wheel Media who have set up shop on West 28th street next to the Hudson River. This was the first in person tour the Designed Space team had done and we both couldn’t stop smiling ear to ear. From the interaction with the people to the overall enjoyment of their office, Michael and I both felt at home.

Squeaky Wheel is located in a renovated train depot that has a real industrial aesthetic to it. The whole space is filled with unique works of art including two giant wooden sculptures and a car. The wide open floor plan Squeaky has provides perfect avenues for communication between departments. Squeaky’s President and Founder, Anthony Del Monte, sat down with us and chatted about everything from how he got started in the business to his beloved New Jersey Devils, who Michael and I are still bitter over losing to in this years NHL Eastern Conference Semi-Finals (as Philadelphia Flyers fans of course).

As one could imagine the entire trip was a great highlight for us but there is nothing better than being served a fresh lunch prepared in the studio’s kitchen… by Anthony himself… and he does it at least once a week for his staff. The Squeaky team is a blast and we thank them for having us.

Notable Project

IHadCancer.com is a cancer support community that empowers people to take control of life before, during, and after cancer. Inspired by the personal experiences of Squeaky co-founder, Mailet Lopez, IHadCancer.com allows cancer fighters, survivors, and their supporters to find real support and real answers from the people who have been there. Cancer can be isolating and scary, and with 1.5 million people diagnosed each year, no one should have to feel alone.



Notable Project – I Had Cancer