Immediately upon entering the New York City based branding agency The O Group, you are greeted with the smile of a red wall and big bold white O. The inside of the studio is very, well white. White iMacs, white walls, white desks and even the windows appear white by the over exposure. With the accent of red accessories such as chairs or futuristic red lamps scattered around, the overall feeling of the studio is very open and clean. Which is great but that isn’t even the most successful part about The O Group’s design space.

Imagine going into a meeting or a critique and there are no windows, walls, or ceilings. No you aren’t in heaven but close, you’re on the roof. Yes that is right, The O Group has an outside conference room if you want to call it that and it is stunning. The New York skyline in the back drop and a space that has red seats neatly placed next to two white couches – it really is a marvelous addition to the overall aesthetic.

Notable Project

The Robert Marc brand identity created by The O Group captures the essence of the high end boutique. It is a nicely refined typographic logo that uses a Humanist Sans Serif font to tie into a simple and elegant solution from the packaging to the print ads.

Notable Project – Robert Marc Identity