Think Studio is a graphic design firm driven by ideas. They love making something out of nothing. John Clifford, founder and creative director of Think Studio, tells us how they also love making the ugly beautiful, the dumb smart, the complex clear, and the average exceptional. The thinking and experience take all projects beyond the purely visual with an eye on marketing: How will this increase awareness? How will this lead to more sales? How will this change our client?

John Clifford on the Think Studio space:

Our space is in the garment district of NYC. It fits two of us comfortably, three in a pinch. Work tables form a “T”, enabling them to also function as space for client meetings and informal crits. Our teams are customized for each project, so collaborators often work remotely. We meet and skype and email and phone as needed.

One of the best features of the space is the view: I get to see the Empire State Building all day. There is great natural light and the ceilings are high, so the compact space feels light and airy.

We named our company based on how we work: we think first, then we design. But, we display a favorite object that also played a part in our name: the “THINK” sign, an artifact of my mother’s brief stint at IBM a long time ago. I always loved it as a child, which should have made me realize then that I was a type geek. Now it’s a smart reminder for the studio.

Notable Project

Recently wrapping up a lengthy project for World Financial Center’s visual and performing arts program, Think Studio updated the brand by focusing on the performances, while establishing a consistent visual language with black-and-white photography and colorful call-outs. Changing color palettes is a nice touch that freshens the look each season. Pieces include posters, brochures, print and online advertising, in-house TV screens, and an interactive iPad app.

Notable Project – World Financial Center’s Arts Program